Make More Placements with Trusted Vendors.

Manage, optimize, and build a trusted secondary supplier program that helps you to get top candidates faster.

End-to-end process in a single tool – customized to your staffing firm needs.

Make more placements with trusted vendors - Vendor Management
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Make more placements with trusted vendors - Vendor Management

Optimize the Process. Maximize your Profits.

Most staffing firms have no program in place to manage third-party vendors. Relationships are haphazard, and every minute spent on vendor communications distracts recruiters from recruiting by facing the following challenges:

Stop the Chaos.

Get Centralized Management.

Single location to broadcast requirements, review submissions and communicate with your suppliers and monitor their activity and it’s all in your ATS.

Recruiters are now able to send orders to secondary supplier community in one place – eliminating multiple emails. 

Vendor Management

Eliminate the Risk.

Know Your Trusted Partners.

Manage, monitor and always know where your vendors stand.

iLabor360 mitigates the risk for recruiters working with suppliers by vetting and evaluating them in order to ensure a safe environment.


Sub per



Minimize Coverage Challenges.

Maximize Placements. 

Recruiters can now spend their time on what matters most by eliminating the manual work.

They are now able to fill more job orders with automated job order distribution and faster candidate submittals.

Tired of Lack of Visibility?

Get Real Time Insights. 

Get deep vendor visibility – build a highly informed and engaged vendor community.

Suppliers are willing to dedicate more recruiting process as they are not only getting “real time” feedback, but also can see all order availability in one spot.


Days Faster of Vendor Onboarding & Clear to Start



Stop Losing Time.

Increase Recruiting Bandwidth.

Increase your recruiters talent pool with the click of a button – what skills gap!

In recruiting, every second counts. The faster your team gets submittals to your clients the higher chance of success. Improving your process and expanding your delivery team makes your firm more money.

VMS - Optimize Vendor Management

Eliminate Inconsistent Feedback.

Keep Track of Everything.

All recruiters love feedback on their candidates and your third party vendors are no different. We give feedback to them without your recruiters having to think about it.

Suppliers receive “real time” feedback on candidate progress as recruiters update the ATS system.

Say goodbye to those challenges.
iLabor360 allows staffing teams to partner with trusted vendors, build transparent relationships, and expand their ability to grow.

More than just a VMS.
A Solution Customized to your Staffing Firm Needs.

Vendor Management

Why Staffing Industry Leaders
Choose iLabor360.

More Placements,
More Profitability

"iLabor helped Signature close double the amount of deals, onboarding double the amount of vendors and helping us make more placements for our clients.” — Ryan Connolly, Operations Specialist at Signature Consultants

Trusted and Transparent Supplier Relationships

“Prior to iLabor, we had no system in place for suppliers, we would encounter a company and wouldn’t know if they had a good reputation or not."- Brad Cooper, Director Strategic Relationships at TSG

Customized and Optimized Supplier Management

"We are able to seamlessly send jobs to our vendors. The team at iLabor customized their software to ensure that we can continue to work in the format we are used to.” – Manish Mohan, Chief Global Talent Officer at Kforce

Ongoing Support

“iLabor has been an extension to our team and a huge partner to our contracts department. They have taken over the entire onboarding and compliance process for our sub-vendor program.” – Blake Harris, Director of Recruiting at Dexian/DISYS

Flexibility and Ease of Use

“Very easy to work with, they are highly integrated with our internal tools, we are able to seamlessly send jobs through iLabor to our vendors without interrupting our internal workflow.” - Manish Mohan, Chief Global Talent Officer

Compliance +
Fast Vendor Onboarding

"The team at iLabor has taken a huge lift of our plate by taking over the entire onboarding and compliance process by checking insurance, certifications, documentations, etc." - Blake Harris, Director of Recruiting at DISYS/Dexian

Transform your Business.
Make your Staffing Team Thrive.

A game-changing opportunity to drastically increase process efficiency
while building a highly informed and engaged vendor community.

More Efficiency, More Engagement, More Placements.

Before iLabor360

After iLabor360

  • Coverage Challenges 11 Subs per Req Average (24% Fill Rate)
  • Increased Risk Cut Risk - Know your Trusted Partners
  • Fragmented Process Centralized Management
  • Time Lost Increased Recruiting Bandwidth
  • Lack of Visibility Real Time Insights (Deep Vendor Visibility)
  • Inconsistent Feedback Automation and ATS Integration
  • Lack of Stats Metrics and Reporting
  • Lack of Communication Formal Vendor Process

Before iLabor360

After iLabor360​

What Our Customers Say

Our partnership with iLabor has become an integral aspect of our daily business operations. The trust we have built with the team makes daily operations of our vendor community both efficient and effective. The iLabor team is widely known across our enterprise as a critical internal partner, one that is an extension of our field and we are

grateful for the relationship as we continue our growth trajectory.

Tara Winn

Vice President, Field Operations Dexian/DISYS

With iLabor, you can actually feel how customer focused they are. We chose to work with iLabor to optimize our vendor management because they offered such flexibility and ease of use. No other provider was willing to offer the kind of customization we were looking for, instead of trying to tell us what we need, iLabor focuses on

understanding what we are asking for and adapting the solution to those needs. Their commitment to us has always been that if our requests make good software sense and financial sense, iLabor will make it happen.

Manish Mohan

Chief Global Talent Officer KForce Inc.

The Select Group selected iLabor to run our new vendor program in 2020 and since then we have seen tremendous growth in our subcontractor placement revenue. iLabor’s vendor platform automates virtually everything for us and our partners – making the process of distributing requirements and receiving candidates very simple.

Their platform also provides us with reliable data so we can stack rank vendor performance and have meaningful reviews with our partners.  All in all, I don’t think we would have been able to get our vendor program off the ground with iLabor as the centerpiece.

Brad Cooper

Director, Strategic Partnerships, The Select Group

I have been working with iLabor for over 5 years. I would say their biggest asset is their customer success team. Each member of the team is very knowledgeable, helpful and personable. They are such a joy to work with. They take the time to address every issue no matter how big or small.  Given our long-standing relationship I have asked a lot from

iLabor over the years; from major tech changes to adjusting process flows. The team has always met to understand the ask and implement it any way they can. My team is a very dynamic and complex group but that has never stopped the iLabor team from navigating our procedures and implementing best practices. The new features they have implemented such as Supplier360 have given us a space to track data that we did not previously have. In fact, we are in the midst of designing processes around some of the features to best utilize them. The iLabor tool itself is easy to navigate for both clients like us and the vendor companies. It helps give better visibility into job coverage and candidate status. If there is a company struggling with that then this is a great tool to implement!

Elyse Muir

ITS Director- Vendor Strategy & Delivery Kforce Inc

To start, iLabor is just GREAT! Due to my company being acquired and merging with a new staffing firm we had to make some big changes and transitions to new platforms. This company already had an established program with iLabor and we realized that it was necessary to follow suit and implement iLabor for us as well. It was a heavy project

moving all of our active consultant headcount and over 100 vendors into our new iLabor program which I thought was going to be a difficult task but the iLabor team could not have made it easier and so efficient as well. They helped at every step of the process and went above and beyond to accommodate our needs. I could not of asked for a better team to support and guide us through this. The communication with the team and their work with our vendors to onboard and stay compliant has made our jobs and lives easier and improved our process so much as well. Now we are up and running and I couldn’t be more satisfied with iLabor and their INCREDIBLE team. Thank you!

Ryan Connolly

Operations Specialist, Dexian/Signature Consultants

As a staffing organization approaching two decades of operation, we have worked with a number of vendor management partners. It is based out of this collective experience that we can confidently say partnering with iLabor has been one of our most fruitful experiences. Coordination, compliance, metrics and performance tracking and more

– all of these areas are great insofar as they don’t hinder work but enhance it, and iLabor has a deep and nuanced understanding of this which is reflected in the design of their platform as well as their team culture. iLabor has helped us accelerate progress toward our objectives.

Anup Bhujle

Principal, Empower Professionals

iLabor 360 UI is great for all level of users. It provides transparency to the people working in it on how to get started hassle free. One of the best things about iLabor 360 is the homepage where one can clearly get a better insight on submitting the resume and scheduling the interviews. One of the features about iLabor 360 that triggers me

most of the time is Report running. There needs to be a simple feature to enable the users to view and extract the report on which of the hires are about to end projects, employees time sheets or Expense sheets. iLabor 360 application is designed on cloud based which is extremely helpful for organizations like ours in recruiters’ performance, profitability and helps in focusing on growth. Ilabor360 makes our work simple while submitting consultant and process involved is easy to understand. Ilabor360 turnaround time on any query is excellent.

Raju Donkeshwar

Manager Operations, Pro-Tek Consulting

iLabor has been a great tool that I use daily to help me keep the requisitions I am working on and the candidates I have been provided from my suppliers organized. I love the features within the tool that allow me to quickly view a resume and see their work history breakdown. The comment feature within iLabor helps me to communicate and

track the level of engagement I have with each resource. iLabor has allowed me to do my job for efficiently and effectively because I know the candidates that are presented to me have been fully vetted and are in the job market.

Jessica Packer

Principal / Delivery Team Lead / Applications Delivery Lead, Apex Systems

I have been using iLabor for last seven-plus years, and I can attest to the degree of excellence of the tool as well as the positive impact it has had on our organization. The sheer ease of use, effectiveness and breadth of the iLabor Network has me recommending this tool to all our business partners. Equally important is the consistently tremendous

support provided by the iLabor management team. There is never an instance where they are not willing to go above and beyond to timely support our needs.  I am confident that our relationship with iLabor will continue to expand as opportunities grow within our industry. We are certainly excited to work together for many more years to come.

Mahi Paul

Recruiting Director & Business Development, System Soft Technologies

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that iLabor does really a good job. I’m glad we and our clients are working with you. It’s great how easy iLabor is to update and manage. We never have any problem at all. Even though sometimes a situation arises the Support team from ILabor does an awesome job. iLabor360 is so much faster

and easier to work. It usually takes time to update reports for other sites but iLabor is designed in such a way it makes the job easy. You made it so simple that even a Naïve recruiter can understand and work on it. Its might look simple to work, but the Hard work behind it in designing iLabor is incredible. Thanks, guys!

Laura Ashley

Vertical Head-Sales, Saxon Global

iLabor360 is a helpful tool for many different staffing needs. It is very useful when it comes to finding consultants who are a fit for C2C requirements my firm is working. Not only does iLabor provide an easy and efficient means of collecting all required candidate information upfront, but it also helps to qualify candidates with its resume matching

feature. I utilize this feature often, as it provides a percentage match of the consultants skillset with the job description. I love the access that I have to new candidates on the market thanks to iLabor. I have found success when it comes to securing interviews and offers from the submissions I have made through iLabor. I am thankful for this tool and utilize it on a daily basis to assist with my staffing needs. Thank you iLabor team!

Alexandra Ison

VSD Talent Associate, KForce Inc.

iLabor is really helpful to show all open requirements from our clients and make application and follow-up process easier. It really cut down hiring time and prepare pipelines for clients easily. We can now focus on the real talent search rather than managing the requirements. I will highly recommend iLabor for its ease of

accessibility, database management capabilities, requirement management, rate transparency and ease of follow-ups.

Raj Bisht

Talent Acquisition Specialist, Metahorizon Inc.

iLabor has been an instrumental part of my success placing consultants. The streamlined processes that allows me to confidently take candidates through the recruiting lifecycle. Additionally, the internal team at iLabor is always so helpful and quick to respond!

Amanda Prahl

Delivery Executive, Technology, The Select Group

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