iLabor360 helps staffing professionals make more placements with trusted vendors.

Getting Started

More than just another software license! A solution customized to your staffing firm needs. We are committed to serve and determined to solve. You will automatically have unlimited access to the iLabor support team, Comprehensive Trainings, Unlimited Users (internal and vendor). We have extensive experience and best practices to launch and build a successful program. We succeed when you do, a true partnership is our focus. 

Working with third-party vendors to assist in finding that talent. In order to be successful, you simply need a tool that decreases the risk of working with unreliable or dishonest vendors. That’s why iLabor gives you access to a full list of firm-approved vendors. As a result, you increase the number of third-party vendor recruiters. These vendors are part of your team, working to fill your client’s open positions. This gives you the opportunity to focus less on positions available to H-1B visa holders. Instead, you’ll have time to turn your attention to permanent and W2-only positions that can’t be outsourced to vendors.

Yes. We pride ourselves in our Customer Success Team to help you along the way. Our team has extensive recruiting knowledge and are ready to help you anytime you need assistance.

iLabor has integrations with Bullhorn, Ceipal, Job Diva, Zoho Recruit, Akken Cloud, Mantal, Timerack & OOrwin. We also connect to a few home grown systems. If you have an ATS chances are we can integrate it.

Introduction to iLabor360

It’s a single online tool that hosts all vendor-related activities. In one platform, you can distribute multiple requisitions at once, communicate with every vendor, track where your requisitions are in the process, and gather reports to see which vendors are most effective. You’re more empowered than ever when each of these tiny details mesh. You have the power to control costs, reduce risks with unreliable vendors, and improve your opportunity to quickly land top IT talent.

Yes. We facilitate Vendor Compliance by collecting and reviewing the documents on your behalf. iLabor can track expiration of documents, insurance levels and diversity certificates and spend.Types of documents we collect and review: Subcontracting Agreements, Addendums, EULA, Diversity Certifications,W-9,DBA,AOI or Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Insurance. 

Zero cost to our clients. Our pricing model is vendor funded.

No. Copy, paste, email, and repeat. You know the drill. With each requisition, you open new lines of communication with every vendor. This exhaustive process means ensuring effective communication takes more time than you have.You need one location to share the requisitions that are already living in your ATS. iLabor’s management platform allows you to send requisitions to vendors with the click of a button. The amount of time this saves you on a per-req basis opens the door for more quality interactions with candidates and clients.Additionally, with the Q&A feature, vendors can directly ask you questions. And with our ‘reply all’ function, you save time from answering the same question multiple times.

Vendor Relationships Insights

Yes. Our detailed reports take the guesswork and risk out of working with third-party vendors. You have the opportunity to only send requisitions to vendors who have the highest-quality and compliant candidates to offer.

Visibility is key to driving success in the staffing industry. We offer unparalleled vendor visibility through our cutting-edge platform. By providing a level playing field, we create healthy competition among vendors. This competition drives rates down, leading to increased gross profit for your firm. With iLabor, you’ll unlock the potential to make more successful placements and reach new levels of achievement.


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