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Our partnership with iLabor has become an integral aspect of our daily business operations. The trust we have built with the team makes daily operations of our vendor community both efficient and effective. The iLabor team is widely known across our enterprise as a critical internal partner, one that is an extension of our field and we are

grateful for the relationship as we continue our growth trajectory.

Tara Winn

Vice President, Field Operations Dexian/DISYS

With iLabor, you can actually feel how customer focused they are. We chose to work with iLabor to optimize our vendor management because they offered such flexibility and ease of use. No other provider was willing to offer the kind of customization we were looking for, instead of trying to tell us what we need, iLabor focuses on

understanding what we are asking for and adapting the solution to those needs. Their commitment to us has always been that if our requests make good software sense and financial sense, iLabor will make it happen.

Manish Mohan

Chief Global Talent Officer KForce Inc.

The Select Group selected iLabor to run our new vendor program in 2020 and since then we have seen tremendous growth in our subcontractor placement revenue. iLabor’s vendor platform automates virtually everything for us and our partners – making the process of distributing requirements and receiving candidates very simple.

Their platform also provides us with reliable data so we can stack rank vendor performance and have meaningful reviews with our partners.  All in all, I don’t think we would have been able to get our vendor program off the ground with iLabor as the centerpiece.

Brad Cooper

Director, Strategic Partnerships, The Select Group

I have been working with iLabor for over 5 years. I would say their biggest asset is their customer success team. Each member of the team is very knowledgeable, helpful and personable. They are such a joy to work with. They take the time to address every issue no matter how big or small.  Given our long-standing relationship I have asked a lot from

iLabor over the years; from major tech changes to adjusting process flows. The team has always met to understand the ask and implement it any way they can. My team is a very dynamic and complex group but that has never stopped the iLabor team from navigating our procedures and implementing best practices. The new features they have implemented such as Supplier360 have given us a space to track data that we did not previously have. In fact, we are in the midst of designing processes around some of the features to best utilize them. The iLabor tool itself is easy to navigate for both clients like us and the vendor companies. It helps give better visibility into job coverage and candidate status. If there is a company struggling with that then this is a great tool to implement!

Elyse Muir

ITS Director- Vendor Strategy & Delivery Kforce Inc

To start, iLabor is just GREAT! Due to my company being acquired and merging with a new staffing firm we had to make some big changes and transitions to new platforms. This company already had an established program with iLabor and we realized that it was necessary to follow suit and implement iLabor for us as well. It was a heavy project

moving all of our active consultant headcount and over 100 vendors into our new iLabor program which I thought was going to be a difficult task but the iLabor team could not have made it easier and so efficient as well. They helped at every step of the process and went above and beyond to accommodate our needs. I could not of asked for a better team to support and guide us through this. The communication with the team and their work with our vendors to onboard and stay compliant has made our jobs and lives easier and improved our process so much as well. Now we are up and running and I couldn’t be more satisfied with iLabor and their INCREDIBLE team. Thank you!

Ryan Connolly

Operations Specialist, Dexian/Signature Consultants

As a staffing organization approaching two decades of operation, we have worked with a number of vendor management partners. It is based out of this collective experience that we can confidently say partnering with iLabor has been one of our most fruitful experiences. Coordination, compliance, metrics and performance tracking and more

– all of these areas are great insofar as they don’t hinder work but enhance it, and iLabor has a deep and nuanced understanding of this which is reflected in the design of their platform as well as their team culture. iLabor has helped us accelerate progress toward our objectives.

Anup Bhujle

Principal, Empower Professionals

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