What’s in it for Vendors?


Access to Critical Data – reporting and metrics on your performance and success. Utilize the information iLabor provides to improve the quality of your recruiting service.

Incident Tracker– manage, monitor and always know where you stand.

Proactive Billing Reconciliation – access to all approved hours and rates by the end client. Allowing reconciliation within your accounting system and enabling potential discrepancies to be addressed sooner.

Access to all orders

Increased business with less effort. Your team no longer has to work on building relationships with recruiters throughout the entire organization. Instead, they can fully focus on recruiting and finding more candidates.

Real-Time Feedback

When something happens with your candidate you know about it. We are integrated into your customers ATS enabling you to receive real time notifications.


iLabor allows you to get the information you need to succeed and place more candidates. Single place to communicate, submit and track requirements and candidates adds efficiency for all.

Candidate Database – speed matters. Having your candidates already parsed into iLabor with a profile enables you to submit in record time.

Q&A’s and Comments – quickly ask questions within iLabor. Get real-time communication with notifications and tracking.


Cut down on the non-revenue generating activities that take your team away from closing job orders.

Open API – eliminate the manual process of getting requirements from email and into your ATS

Ready to Eliminate the Gray Area?

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