Ryan Connolly

To start, iLabor is just GREAT! Due to my company being acquired and merging with a new staffing firm we had to make some big changes and transitions to new platforms. This company already had an established program with iLabor and we realized that it was necessary to follow suit and implement iLabor for us as well. It was a heavy project

moving all of our active consultant headcount and over 100 vendors into our new iLabor program which I thought was going to be a difficult task but the iLabor team could not have made it easier and so efficient as well. They helped at every step of the process and went above and beyond to accommodate our needs. I could not of asked for a better team to support and guide us through this. The communication with the team and their work with our vendors to onboard and stay compliant has made our jobs and lives easier and improved our process so much as well. Now we are up and running and I couldn’t be more satisfied with iLabor and their INCREDIBLE team. Thank you!