Raju Donkeshwar

iLabor 360 UI is great for all level of users. It provides transparency to the people working in it on how to get started hassle free. One of the best things about iLabor 360 is the homepage where one can clearly get a better insight on submitting the resume and scheduling the interviews. One of the features about iLabor 360 that triggers me

most of the time is Report running. There needs to be a simple feature to enable the users to view and extract the report on which of the hires are about to end projects, employees time sheets or Expense sheets. iLabor 360 application is designed on cloud based which is extremely helpful for organizations like ours in recruiters’ performance, profitability and helps in focusing on growth. Ilabor360 makes our work simple while submitting consultant and process involved is easy to understand. Ilabor360 turnaround time on any query is excellent.