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iLabor Staffing

iLabor aggregates secondary suppliers for middle market companies and staffing industry clients. Many of our customers have fragmented secondary supplier programs, have multiple people engaged in the process, have no tool to measure performance, and communicate via multiple emails and struggle keeping their secondary suppliers engaged. iLabor can solve this problem.

We adopt your business process, automate your program and help you monetize your secondary supplier program. iLabor allows for effective aggregation and tiering of secondary suppliers as well as provides a single place for suppliers and customers to engage with one another. Customers have one place to go to receive candidates, engage with secondary suppliers and pay one invoice. Secondary suppliers have one system that allows them to see all that the client has to offer, receive real-time feedback on candidate activity, upload compliance documents and receive payment.

Whether you want to engage with iLabors’ network of suppliers, utilize a closed network of your own or are a supplier looking to have access to more requisitions, iLabor can help.

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