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Centralized Management

We offer a single location to broadcast requirements, review subs, and communicate with your suppliers.

Rapid Job Order Distribution

Speed matters in staffing; with the click of a button in your ATS, reqs will be distributed with ease. No need for recruiters to copy and paste emails or manage “bcc” distro lists.

Auto 'Magic' Notifications

All recruiters love feedback on their candidates and your third party vendors are no different. We give feedback to them without your recruiters having to think about it.

ATS Integrations

We have been “running with the bulls” for a few years now and have a seamless integration; with other ATS’ as well. The mantra “if it’s not in the ATS it didn’t happen” still rings true.


No more wild west – a formal process brings calm to the chaos. Spreadsheets, email distribution lists and tear sheets are gone and a new pool of talent is at your recruiters fingertips…WHAT SKILLS GAP !?!?

Where has this been all my (recruiting) life?

Vendor Management FOR Staffing Firms!

Satisfied Users
Candidates Submitted
+$5 Billion
Revenue Dispersed
Reqs Released

"What gets measured gets managed." Peter Drucker

Track...Track...Track...oh and Track some more.

iLabor offers robust customizable reporting.

Did we mentioned that we were founded by staffing industry veterans? They know how important having good data is to improve your business. It is a major focus of what we offer and how a true vendor program is built.


Recruiters spend less time on vendor management and more time on revenue generation. Expand your delivery bandwidth and fill more orders.

Improve SPEED

In recruiting, every second counts. The faster your team gets submittals to your clients the higher chance of success. Improving your process and expanding your delivery team makes your firm more money.


We have all been burned…bring light into where it has never been before. With “Incident Tracker” and visibility into a formal process you are able to cultivate a true partnership with your sub vendors and eliminate the companies that give third parties a bad name.

Improve SALES

Turn your vendor program into your competitive advantage. Does your sales team or customer shy away from third party placements because they have been burned in the past?…Trusted partnerships become a competitive advantage your sales team can use!!! It does not have to be a necessary evil.

Improve VMS

Arguably the most competitive reqs are those you get from your customers with VMS. Why not utilize your own VMS to help improve your score card and fill more roles. Especially those that your internal recruiters may not want to work.


Increase your recruiters talent pool with the click of a button – what skills gap! We even have customers where their recruiters only focus on W2 only openings. They let their sub vendors handle the C2C positions.


Your secondary suppliers are recruiters too and are known to shoot “a little” high on their candidates rates. Visibility and competition drives the price down.


We are committed to serve and determined to solve. Not just a software license! We are dedicated and take ownership of your success.


The strongest relationships are built on a rock solid foundation.

We have years of experience implementing a vendor program with our clients. We know what works and we provide the tools, strategies, and guidance that optimize the process and drive success.


Your success is our success

We know that getting your team to adopt a new way of doing things is not always easy. We pride ourselves on becoming a part of your team to help facilitate the goals and desired results you want.


It takes more than just technology

Fixing the third party chaos takes a shift in habits and mindset. Our success team is devoted to facilitating the shift.

...Our Leadership Team...

Our leadership team has lived the challenge of sub vendor management. With over 60 years combined staffing industry experience we like to think we understand the business...but we are always learning and developing with our clients.

  • Steve Gage
    CEO & Co-Founder
    I am a technologist at heart, with over 20 years of experience in leadership. I love everything about creating solutions for my clients. We are the industry standard when it comes to Staffing & Recruitment Secondary Supplier spend. iLabor’s amazing employees make the job of spearheading the company a much easier task.
  • Christine Doelp
    VP, Finance
    I am responsible for the finance and accounting departments of iLabor360. I am also responsible for providing financial statements, budgeting and forecasting. I have proven understanding of internal operational procedures and the impact they have related to the financial results of the company.
  • Bill Stillwell
    Director, IT Operations
    The IT Unicorn ~ “No one headline covers my Technology skill set” ( well, maybe MacGyver’s Twin?)
  • Chad Larsen
    Head of Sales & Business Development
    My focus is a blend of Sales, Marketing, Partnerships and Strategy. Reach out if your company is frustrated with your third-party vendor process, interested in or have partnership ideas, or want to know more about how we help 3 of the top 5 largest IT staffing firms close more business.
  • Liz McConnell
    VP, Operations
    I handle all things Client and Vendor facing. My team prides itself with going above and beyond and we are just an extension of our Clients’ teams. I love to hear from our users on features we can add to make them perform their jobs better and implement them.
    ...Customer Testimonials...
    With iLabor, you can actually feel how customer focused they are. We chose to work with iLabor to optimize our vendor management because they offered such flexibility and ease of use. No other provider was willing to offer the kind of customization we were looking for, instead of trying to tell us what we need, iLabor focuses on understanding what we are asking for and adapting the solution to those needs. Their commitment to us has always been that if our requests make good software sense and financial sense, iLabor will make it happen."
    “We have a terrific team of recruiters, but each was tasked with managing supplier relationships at the individual desk level. That was neither disciplined nor efficient.” “iLabor provides us with a really excellent tool to grow our business, provide better service to our customers and do it in a way that is efficient, cost effective and profitable. iLabor allows us to truly partner with our best vendors, leveraging relationships across the entire nation and expanding our ability to grow. We went from an inconsistent, disordered, compliance nightmare to a streamlined, efficient, agile system that points our vendors to where they can make the biggest impact on any given day. In fact, iLabor literally saved one of our biggest accounts by transforming our ability to meet client needs.”