Are Your Recruiters Overwhelmed by 

the Flood of Low-Quality Resumes?

Technical recruiters today are flooded with hotlist emails from third-party vendors. 

Technical recruiters today are flooded with hotlist emails from third-party vendors

Technical recruiters today are flooded with hotlist emails from third-party vendors (TPVs). These waves of information can be overwhelming, and often, the candidates don’t even meet the basic criteria.   

The truth is that the old “spray and pray” method that third-party vendors use is outdated and ineffective, but so many still think it’s the way.  

Recruiters need reliable and trusted sources. The fatigue from sifting through heaps of low-quality candidates can lead recruiters to view these emails as junk, and rightly so.  

Did you know? A recruiter spends nearly 24 hours screening resumes for a single hire! And most of the resumes per job don’t lead to interviews.

So, how can we improve this?  

🔹 Cultivate Trust:

Build relationships with a few selected TPVs. Explain your goals of wanting to find trustworthy partners, share all requirements, and ask for quality over quantity in return to ensure reliable candidate pools.  

🔹 Embrace Tech:

Use specialized vendor management systems to streamline communication and efficiently source quality candidates from TPVs.  

🔹Clear Communication: 

Define job requirements and communicate them effectively with your TPVs. This prevents the flood of irrelevant resumes. Also, remember that your TPVs are recruiters too and they need the same information your internal recruiters would need to find the right talent. Give them every detail they need to be successful. 

It’s time for change. Let’s redefine recruiting, creating smoother, more efficient processes. 

How is your team dealing with the information overload?

By: Steve GageCEO & Founder

Most staffing firms have no program in place to manage third-party vendors. Relationships are haphazard, and every minute spent on vendor communications distracts recruiters from revenue generating activities. 

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