Kforce is always working to improve its diverse and global candidate supply chain.


Kforce is a professional staffing and solutions firm operating 63 offices located throughout the United States and one office in the Philippines. Backed by more than 2,600 associates and approximately 12,000 consultants on assignment, Kforce provides flexible and permanent staffing solutions in the skill areas of technology and finance & accounting.


Vendor Channel Management

Kforce is always working to improve its diverse and global candidate supply chain. “Kforce has many different channels we use to satisfy our clients’ talent demands. We recognize that improving the performance and efficiency of our vendor channel is essential to the greater success of our candidate supply chain,” said Manish Mohan, Chief Global Talent Officer, Kforce. “We began looking for a software solution that would streamline vendor engagement across the entire company. We wanted to provide vendors with visibility into our process and give our teams insight into their performance.”

Kforce Manish mohan


iLabor for Focus & Flexibility 

Offering the only system 100% dedicated to vendor channel optimization for the staffing industry, iLabor quickly distinguished itself as a solution provider that understood exactly what Kforce needed. After looking at a number of VMS providers that offered vendor channel management as one aspect of their staffing procurement and management systems, Kforce selected iLabor for its focus, flexibility and expertise. “We chose to work with iLabor to optimize vendor management because they offered such flexibility and ease of use. No other provider was willing to offer the kind of customization we were looking for,” said Mohan.

As iLabor and Kforce partner to build a customized supplier management solution, they are revolutionizing long-entrenched processes—from how rates are set to how recruiters and vendors communicate. iLabor’s willingness to listen and be a true partner has been key to the success of this collaboration. “With iLabor, you can actually feel how customer focused they are. They understand that Kforce is a very savvy customer that’s been in the staffing industry for more than 50 years. Instead of trying to tell us what we need, iLabor focuses on understanding what we are asking for and adapting the solution to those needs. Their commitment to us has always been that if our requests make good software sense and financial sense, iLabor will make it happen,” said Mohan.

Thrilled with the technology expertise and staffing industry experience iLabor brings to the table, Mohan is certain iLabor is the right team for Kforce.



More Efficiency, More Engagement, More Success 

For Kforce, iLabor offers as a game-changing opportunity to drastically increase process efficiency while building a highly informed and engaged vendor community.

“Our expectation for year one with iLabor is a 10-15% gain in candidate supply chain efficiency as Kforce establishes a consistent, information-driven system for engaging vendors. For our vendors, the expectations are high as well. They are excited to have online performance feedback and pricing insights that will quickly tell them how effectively they are meeting our needs,” said Mohan.



Most staffing firms have no program in place to manage third-party vendors. Relationships are haphazard, and every minute spent on vendor communications distracts recruiters from revenue generating activities. 

iLabor360 allows staffing professionals to partner with trusted vendors, build transparent relationships, and expand their ability to grow.

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