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  • Implement a third-party VMS platform with support from an experienced team that has built a program before.

  • Risk and compliance challenges with third parties.  

  • More reqs coming in than their teams can currently cover.

  • Identify and onboard all existing vendors and add new vendors.

  • Implement new technology into internal processes.  



  • iLabor delivered above and beyond on the features and customer support the firm was looking for to build a well running vendor program beyond just giving a software system to use.
  • Implemented automated, effective, and simple process for third party vendors that added visibility and metrics allowing the firm to find who their trusted partners reducing risk and a wild west environment.
  • Developed easy to use system integrated with ATS (Bullhorn) that enables recruiters to make more placements expanding their recruiting bandwidth with less effort.
  • Handled all aspects of onboarding vendors and vendor users including account set up, training, phone and email communication and onboarding taking the burden away from the firm.
  • Focused heavily on user adoption and getting desired results not only internally within the firm but for vendor users as well.


“In IT recruiting these days, with the skills gap and unemployment the way it is, we knew that we needed to have a formal and streamlined system like iLabor to work with third party suppliers to not only speed up the distribution of our third party requirements but also automate as many aspects of the process as possible while enabling us to get reporting and metrics on our vendors to make better business decisions”

“6 months in, we can’t imagine where we would be without iLabor. There are a lot of companies that make promises they can’t keep especially on what their products can do and how they help, but from day one, not only did the product do exactly what it was built to do but the customer success team at iLabor helped us work through all our challenges and has blown away all our expectations. It was like they could see around corners guiding us through vendor management best practices, we clearly felt and continue to feel their experience. We consider them a part of our team and could not imagine trying to use another VMS solution that does not have the experience or provide the support implementing a program like iLabor.”

“With the way IT recruiting is nowadays, you need third party vendors to be successful. We wish we would have implemented iLabor sooner. Putting effort into a third-party process was something we had thought about for a while and just kept putting off. For years we have dealt with the risk and challenges that came along with managing the vendor relationship at the individual recruiting desk.

“The iLabor integration with Bullhorn has been seamless and according to my team of recruiters has empowered them to get far more accomplished with less effort and headache.”

“Recruiters can get bogged down doing the mundane tasks taking them away from recruiting. We hired our recruiters to recruit not spend time on managing vendors or doing administrative duties. The number of tasks that iLabor automates and streamlines for our recruiters blew me away. I feel so much better that things are not falling through the cracks or being forgotten.”

“I have been incredibly impressed with how hands on iLabor is. They are always available to our team for training or questions. We have even heard from our vendors that they have made their lives easier as well and are thankful that we implemented iLabor.”

“I sleep better at night knowing that our clients are getting more and better candidates from my recruiting team because of iLabor. It is so powerful that we don’t even have to think about it.”

Most staffing firms have no program in place to manage third-party vendors. Relationships are haphazard, and every minute spent on vendor communications distracts recruiters from revenue generating activities. 

iLabor360 allows staffing professionals to partner with trusted vendors, build transparent relationships, and expand their ability to grow.

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