What do people love just as much as making money? Saving money. And in the world of IT staffing firms, saving customers major moola means boosting client satisfaction and retention rates.

As the year winds down, think about the hiring managers you partner with. Most likely, they’re worried about staying within the confines of their hiring budgets — something you directly impact. So what can you do to decrease their stress and help them save money? (Don’t worry, that was just a rhetorical question — we did all the budget-saving brainstorming for you!) 

Here are three ways to reduce hiring costs for your staffing clients and, as a result, increase client satisfaction:

  1. Decrease early screening process time

The early screening process is a necessary evil for both IT staffing firms and their clients. It’s tedious and tends to eat up a lot of time. While clients do need to be part of this process, you can find ways to make sure it doesn’t waste their time. After all, time equals money.

Not sure where to start? Here’s an idea: Require candidates to perform one-way video interviews. You get to control the number of questions each person has to answer, and therefore, how long each interview lasts. Plus, it gives you a deeper look at the candidate — more than you’d get with just their resume.

One-way video interviews make the screening process more efficient and increase your client’s chances of selecting the candidate who’s right for the role. They’re just one example of useful tools that can help save you, and your client, both time and money.

  1. Send only the best-fitting candidates

As a staffing pro, you’re the one carrying all the pressure to send top candidates to your clients. But that’s easier said than done. It’s challenging to consistently find multiple, high-quality candidates for an open role. It can be tempting to send as many options as possible, but consider what happens when you value quantity over quality:

Scenario #1:

  • You provide five candidates (only two truly fit the role and the company).
  • Your client spends time reviewing all five and making their final pick ($$$$$).
  • They have a greater chance of wasting money on a bad hire and then needing to start the screening, selection, and training process all over again ($+).
  • End result: $$$$$$+

Scenario #2:

  • You provide two qualified candidates.
  • Your client spends time reviewing these two and making their final pick ($$).
  • They’re guaranteed a good hire.
  • End result: $$ 

It pays for IT staffing firms to be honest with their clients. Not only for your reputation and their satisfaction, but also for their budgets. So in those moments you only have one or two high-quality candidates, only send the best of the bunch.

  1. Understand client expectations

When it comes to consistently reducing hiring costs for clients, IT staffing firms must also do these three things:

  1. Understand the job description and duties.
  2. Have a thorough knowledge of the client’s expectations.
  3. Accurately convey expectations to candidates.

Misalignment of expectations results in high turnover. And as scenario #2 already proved, it costs clients more time and money to look for replacements. When you’re working with each client, really listen to what they’re looking for. What are their concerns? What hasn’t worked in the past? Repeat back, in your own words, what they expect from candidates to fill this job.

Then, the final step: Make sure each candidate knows what’s expected of them. If they already have an understanding of the job and the company, they’re more likely to have a better interview. And a better interview often translates into a better hire, which helps save your client money and boosts their trust in your IT staffing firm — a win-win!