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When it comes to keeping your staffing company competitive, you can’t do it alone. You need help from 3rd party vendors and they need you! These days, most staffing companies find that up to 30% of their revenue is being leveraged through the help of 3rd party vendors. That’s something worth paying attention to.

If you are managing your 3rd party vendors via spreadsheets and emails, you’re not alone…. Even some of the most sophisticated staffing companies don’t have an effective way to manage their vendors.

iLabor changes that.

Through a full integration into your Applicant Tracking System, iLabor helps your staffing company monetize its 3rd party supplier program, automates your business process, speeds up time to fill and ensures your recruiters spend less time on vendor management and more time on revenue generation.

iLabor also establishes a fully accountable program for your staffing company, making it easy for you to track your vendors performance on key metrics like –

  • time to submit
  • time to fill
  • submit to fill ratios
  • overall spend
  • diversity spend
  • and so much more

iLabor was built to provide rapid requisition release, structured candidate submittals, electronic notifications, real time reporting and extremely nimble straight forward administration. Where it used to take you several days to submit candidates, iLabor gives you access to your supplier candidates in minutes, dramatically improving your time to fill which impacts revenue and brand recognition with your clients.

Your partner vendors will value seeing all your company has to offer. As your recruiters move candidates through the hiring process – from submission, to interview and fill, your vendors will see their candidates progress every step of the way. They’ll even get notifications via email for every status change.

Best of all, iLabor’s analytics highlights vendor performance so you can reward top contributing vendors, ensuring they earn more of your business and dedicate their resources to your search needs. So when you win, you’re 3rd party vendors also win.

iLabor is technology at its best, helping staffing companies monetize their vendor programs and ensuring qualified candidate speed to market. We’re ready to show you the difference.