A day doesn’t go by in the IT recruitment and staffing world without talk of the IT skills gap. Here we are talking about it once again. While it seems the IT skills gap is a topic that should be exhausted by now, we must continue discussing it until we find a resolution. 

In a field where spending is projected to reach the trillions, top talent is in even greater demand. 

In fact, a newly-released Gartner report revealed worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.74 trillion this year.

And not much has changed in the quest for highly-qualified talent in recent years. According to a CompTIA report, 82 percent of organizations reported an IT skills gap in 2017. Unfortunately, 75 percent of HR professionals in a 2019 SHRM report said they have difficulty recruiting because there is a shortage of skills in candidates for job openings. 

It’s no easy task to combat a skills gap this serious. For this reason, recruiters and staffing professionals need the right tool to begin closing it for their companies and clients. 

Here’s how iLabor is successfully doing just that: 

It breaks the status quo — and proves it’s worth it

Let’s be honest — breaking the status quo isn’t easy, especially in IT staffing and recruitment. It’s challenging to find your groove. Once you find something that works to source, assess, and eventually move top talent through to the hiring process, you want to stick with it.

But this comfort leads to settling for technology and processes that are just getting you by. Quite frankly, subpar technology that’s “getting you by” won’t successfully close the IT skills gap. It’s the new, more effective IT talent-focused technology that raises you above that status quo. As it proves its ROI again and again, it really gives you the opportunity to break the mold. 

iLabor releases you from the restraints of ordinary IT recruitment processes. It offers new processes and procedures that bring more IT candidates to you. Our technology does this through the power of third-party staffing vendors. With third-party vendors, you have multiple recruiters working endlessly to find and send you IT talent, matching your job descriptions and requirements to the T. 

The idea of accessing more talent is exciting, but budgets are often tight. Proving to executives that updated technology is worth the cost can be a major obstacle. That’s why iLabor, which is vendor funded, offers detailed reports and analytics to show ROI and prove you’re successfully placing more top IT talent than ever before. 

Recent customer data shows revenue with third-party vendors grew 66% year-over-year their first year using iLabor. Their gross profit also grew 9%. 

Expands optimized-ready talent pool

IT recruitment professionals are experiencing a skills gap because they’re looking in smaller talent pools. These limited talent pools are right here in the U.S. In reality, the number of computer science graduates in China and India are approximately three and a half times more than the United States, according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS). This number increased by 33 percent from 2011 to 2015.

So, why are so many recruiters sticking to recruiting IT professionals in the U.S.? In short, it’s difficult to trust third-party vendors to find professionals with the necessary H1B visa paperwork to legally work in the U.S. 

iLabor allows talent pool optimization by increasing trust between recruiters and third-party vendors. With tracking at the core of the platform, relationship-building power is in the recruiter’s hands. 

You can create an incident report, for example, with individual third-party vendors. This incident report places vendors on probation so they can’t send a requisition for a specified amount of time. Your team then has the visibility to see which vendors they can trust and the power to end relationships when necessary. 

Presents more opportunities, faster

The IT talent shortage isn’t just about lacking talent. It’s about time, energy, and ultimately, speed. Consider the hours you spend sending out requisitions, searching for qualified talent, managing third-party vendors — the list goes on. 

In the time you spend manually checking off each step, top IT talent is moving through your competitors’ pipelines. The game of “who can place the most qualified IT talent the fastest” is neverending. 

That’s why iLabor integrates with Bullhorn, allowing third-party vendor management to work directly with your current requisitions, messaging spaces, and potential candidates, ultimately, streamlining and speeding up your placement processes. 

Here’s how it works, all from within Bullhorn: 

  • Push your job description into the iLabor platform
  • iLabor through automation sends job orders to vendors 
  • Vendors submit candidates 
  • Recruiters placing job descriptions receive email notifications 
  • These recruiters jump into iLabor via Bullhorn to review new candidates 
  • They push candidates they are interested in into their Bullhorn account 
  • Everything done via Bullhorn is tracked by iLabor
  • Third-party vendors remain automatically updated 

While iLabor is busy keeping vendors updated and candidates are pulled into your BullHorn account, you have space to spend quality time nurturing leads and less time sourcing. 

How is the IT skills gap impacting you? Let us know!