You may not yet have experience working with third-party vendors. Or maybe you keep them at arm’s length because you’ve had a negative experience. It’s even possible you simply don’t want to ‘deal’ with them based on negative stereotypes and IT recruitment war stories.

No matter the reason, if you haven’t successfully worked with third-party vendors, we can understand your hesitation. The nuances of immigration and visa reform only add to the challenges of working with third-party vendors. 

Unfortunately, these hesitations also prohibit you from benefiting from the assistance of a critically-important external resource. And in today’s world of IT recruitment, every IT recruitment strategy needs ‘a little help from their friends.’ 

To help source more top talent, you must place doubts and stereotypes about vendors or fear of the political climate aside. This means opening your mind to the benefits of adding third-party vendors to your IT recruitment strategy. 

Here’s why third-party vendors are an IT recruitment strategy must-have you can’t afford to ignore: 

They expand recruiter bandwidth

Consider the number of candidates you and your team are able to reach with each job you recruit on. The time and effort you put into the job description, sourcing, emailing — the list goes on. Now, compare this to how many qualified candidates enter your pipeline. The number is probably off-balanced. 

To top it off, this routine is exhausting. You’re putting in the maximum effort while facing the challenge of locating qualified IT talent — and you’re not alone. In fact, 82 percent of organizations reported an IT skills gap in 2017, according to a CompTIA report

Facing a talent shortage when IT talent is in high-demand is a heavy load to bear for many IT recruitment professionals. Third-party vendors help alleviate the burden you face when sourcing IT talent. When implemented and maintained effectively, they’re an extension of your team. They broaden the number of top candidates you can reach without any additional time and effort on your part. 

Decrease clients’ time-to-fill

Time-to-fill requisitions are high in IT recruitment. The need for more talent while there’s an active talent shortage sends these numbers skyrocketing. Unfortunately, IT candidates aren’t willing to wait around for you to reach out. Your clients, in the meantime, need qualified talent immediately. 

Third-party vendors keep a constant influx of talented candidates coming to you. While they’re sourcing talent, you have more time to build relationships and filter candidates deeper into your pipeline faster. 

As an added bonus, they have the means to find clients with the right paperwork, including H-1B forms. This takes one of the most critical steps of hiring talent outside of the U.S. off your plate. Third-party vendors process the paperwork and can quickly identify if it doesn’t meet the necessary requirements. 

Lower the cost of poor hires

Let’s face it, poor hires happen. When they do, it’s not just clients who eat the costs. You also must reenter the entire recruitment process for clients.

Now, you’re back at square one. You repost the job, go through the entire screening process again, and try to place a better-fitting candidate. While time is money, financial losses aren’t the only costs associated with poor hires. Continual poor hires decrease trust with clients and can even result in losing them to competitors. 

The best way to save face when there’s a poor hire is to quickly find alternatives. Third-party vendors have a constant flow of candidates you can pass on to your clients without missing a beat. 

What problems would third-party vendors help you solve? Share them with us!