iLabor360 + Bullhorn

Engage with trusted third-party vendors and let them send top IT talent directly to the ATS you trust.
No emails required, single source of data.

Getting key details to third-party vendors quickly is critical in IT recruitment. iLabor’s integration with Bullhorn makes the next steps simple yet effective. It enables you to distribute requisitions that already exist on Bullhorn to third-party vendors so they can drive top IT talent directly into your ATS. 

Key Features

Filters IT candidates into Bullhorn's job record

When a third-party vendor sends you a candidate through iLabor, they’re placed directly in your Bullhorn job record. You’re given one centralized, organized location to keep and track candidates for current open roles and those coming down the pipeline. 

Once-and-done vendor Q&As

Recruiters can tackle vendor questions in one location — for all to see. This means rather than fielding the same question multiple times via email, you can use our ‘reply all’ feature within Bullhorn to clue all vendors in on your answer. You’re not just saving time, you’re opening the floor for vendors to see key details about your requisitions and candidate needs. 

Robust vendor tracking, metrics, performance, and compliance

After you’ve placed candidates through third-party vendors, you can check your iLabor and Bullhorn activity to review data and gain insights into key performance and compliance KPIs. You’ll have the power to strategically control your third-party vendor management like never before. 

Use incident reports for third-party vendor risk management

Of course, not every third-party vendor will be right for you. But now you have the power to put vendors on probation, preventing them from sending you candidates for a specified amount of time that’s set by you. Use this tool to help cultivate trust with only the most reputable vendors.