“It’s human talent, not capital or technology or anything else, that is the key factor linking innovation, competitiveness, and growth in the 21st century,” Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum said in a 2017 Korn Ferry briefing about the future of work. 

His point of combining human talent with technology to grow and innovate was made clear back in 2017. Since then, technological innovation, especially in the staffing vendor space, has grown exponentially. Yet, it isn’t until staffing professionals understand what technology will most improve their placements that this type of innovation becomes effective. 

Automated staffing vendor programs, for example, are putting the power of quick, intelligent automation, combined with the intellect of its staffing users, to use. As a result, more talent is ultimately placed in better-fitting positions. 

Here’s how automated staffing vendor programs are driving those placements: 

1. Rapid requisition release

Sending out requisitions is one of the first steps to placing more candidates. This is tough work when you’re sending multiple requisitions to third-party staffing vendors via email. Consider the amount of time and effort it takes to craft an email, copy and paste, add the distribution list to your BCC, and finally hit send. 

This effort is being put forth while submissions for other roles are filtering in, third-party vendors are waiting for your responses, and candidates are being swept up by other staffing firms. As you know, every minute counts in this industry. 

This is where automated staffing vendor programs shine. They allow you to spend time where you, the human, are most needed. Rapid requisition release automates this entire process for you. 

2. Providing daily digests

It’s challenging for staffing firms and recruiters to ramp up their IT recruitment efforts if they don’t have all the information. In a recruitment industry that’s packed full of staffing competition with limited talent, recruiters must intentionally put their greatest efforts where they’re needed most. 

Staffing vendor programs allow you to do just that. By providing daily digests, your third-party vendors receive notification of open requisitions that have little to no activity or candidate submittals. These seemingly simple daily reports put the power of intention and strategy in their hands. With them, they can effectively strategize which requisitions need more effort and attention, leading to greater success and less competition. 

Additionally, your recruiters will receive updates as well on which requisitions have submissions and/or need attention… never letting the little things fall through the cracks 

3. Immediate updates on status changes

Statuses and feedback are the lifeblood of recruitment. Unfortunately, they’re typically not done well. In IT recruitment, the more feedback and status updates you receive from clients, the more success you have with placements. 

The same goes for offering third-party vendors immediately-updated information. Consider the fact that they’re recruiters, too. They’re working for you to find top talent for you — their clients. Staffing vendor program status updates keep both you and third-party vendors completely in-the-loop. 

For example, when you move candidates through the ATS, vendors automatically receive a notification. This keeps communication between you and the vendor moving seamlessly without you spending time writing or receiving excessive emails or calls with vendors. 

On the other hand, you also receive notifications when candidates are no longer available. An immediately prompt like this allows you to move forward with candidates who remain in the running. 

What would automated staffing vendor programs help you with most? Let us know!